Friday, January 11, 2013

New Graduate Certificate Available in Criminal Justice

Photo of computer with handcuffs, reports and pens around it.

The College of Criminal Justice is introducing an online Graduate Certificate Program this spring to help professionals in the field with career advancement.

The Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management is designed for working professionals in law enforcement, corrections and victim services to assist with professional growth and career development. The 18-hour program is structured so it can be completed in a year, and it can be applied toward a Master’s degree in the future.

“The certificate program caters to students who may not be in the position to pursue a Master of Science degree but want to start working towards that goal,” said Dr. Phillip Lyons, Director of the Division of Professional Justice Studies. “Other students may be working professionals looking to advance their career and could be eligible for a raise or promotion after completing the program.” . . . Read more. . .