Friday, January 29, 2016

Course Available in Forensic Statement Analysis

The Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) is offering a special program on forensic statement analysis to help law enforcement officers detect deception and find hidden information in a person’s written or verbal statements.

The one-day course, part of LEMIT’s Special Programs open to certified peace officers, will be presented by Richard Whitehead & Associates. Richard Whitehead has over 33 years of law enforcement experience, including homicide investigations, officer-involved shootings, SWAT operations, and 9-1-1 management. The course is designed for those assigned to investigative functions, but also provides valuable skills to the patrol level as well. The cost is $99.

Based on experts from the fields of language, psychology, and deception detection, the course will teach officers how to find linguistic signals, such as words, phrases, statement structure and content, that may indicate deception or hidden information. Officers will have a chance to practice their skills by analyzing statement samples.

The course is designed to help law enforcement professionals to recognize and collect valid statements and to analyze them, using parts of speech, the balance of the statement, and linguist signals. The course also will help investigators develop skills to use a suspect’s words to compel them to testify.

LEMIT Special Programs includes training courses which are not part of an on-going LEMIT program series and are designed to meet a special need. The Special Programs are directed to one segment of law enforcement and targets a specific type of managerial function. These programs are intended to convey innovative concepts, techniques, and knowledge that can quickly be put to practical use within an agency. Special Programs afford LEMIT the flexibility to respond in a timely fashion to newly identified training needs.

For more information on the forensic statement analysis program, contact Mikal Greer at (936) 294-3756 or visit