Monday, June 6, 2016

Finance Director Spearheads On-line Education at LEMIT

After 16 years of experience with finance and contracts at Sam Houston State University, Tammy Douget recently joined the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas as Director of Finance.

In addition to handling budget and finance for state-mandated programs for Police Chiefs and Constables, Douget is spearheading efforts to bring new opportunities to professionals in the field through online education. She expects to launch the first online program for law enforcement in the fall. The program will highlight new laws passed by the Texas Legislature that impact day-to-day operations in the field

“With every new law, there needs to be training for law enforcement,” said Douget. Douget is devoted to the mission of LEMIT and is eager to find new revenue sources to deliver more high-quality programs to the law enforcement community.

“I like what LEMIT stands for,” said Douget. “It’s committed to providing exceptional education, professional development, resources, and services to law enforcement in Texas. It inspires excellence in leaders and enhances the effective delivery of services to our communities.”

Douget began her career in SHSU’s Office of Contracts and Grants and was later assigned to the College of Criminal Justice, where she served as Finance Manager of Criminal Justice Contracts and Grants. For almost a year, she served both the College and LEMIT, but found that LEMIT offered the “perfect fit” for her career.

“I have been involved in contracts and grants, both pre and post reward, on the academic side,” said Douget. “I understand funding and the University finance system, and I understand funding sources.”

LEMIT’s new online offerings will join Project EnCriPT, which provide online and hands-on training for environmental enforcement professionals, including law enforcement officers, firefighters, sanitarians, and code enforcers. LEMIT received a three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection to provide the free, nationwide program, which currently includes six online courses, such Illegal Dumping of Nonhazardous Waste; Environmental Sampling Overview; Personal Safety for Environmental Enforcement Professionals; How to Handle the Media; and Introduction to Environmental Investigation. It also offers a cohort model to allow participants to take a course together and to interact using an online discussion board as well as writing assignments. Finally, in-person training was held at Sam Houston State University and in Missoula, Montana to provide hands-on experience in the field.

For more information on LEMIT’s online offerings, visit Project EncCriPT at or contact Douget at