Thursday, October 19, 2017

LEMIT Launches Lone Star Leadership for Chiefs Nationwide


Lone Star Leadership

LEMIT is offering its premiere professional development program for Texas Police Chiefs to law enforcement leaders across the country.

The Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) is launching a new program, Lone Star Leadership, to offer its outstanding professional development series for police chiefs and command staff to agencies across the country.

“The occasion to launch LEMIT curriculum onto a national platform with Lone Star Leadership is a dream come true,” said Rita Watkins, executive director of LEMIT. “The vision of our Executive Development team in thinking, planning, developing, and coordinating a program of this caliber speaks to their dedicated service to public safety in Texas and nationally. I’m so proud of our team and this development opportunity. Attendees will walk away with a true Texas experience and essential tools to utilize in their careers.”

Modeled after the Texas Police Chief Leadership Series, this program is designed to assist top law enforcement managers in developing their leadership skills and recognizing factors that impact the effectiveness of their agencies. This year’s program, which will be held April 30-May 4, 2018 at Sam Houston State University, examines how to build resiliency.

“Resiliency addresses what we need to do when faced with life’s inevitable difficulties,” says Donna Garcia, Director of Executive Development for LEMIT. “How to bounce back as the leader of a police agency as well as helping those you care about bounce back will help the entire agency become stronger, smarter and with more self-esteem.”

Among the topics that will be addressed by nationally-known speakers are:

  • Discovering why marketing and branding are critical to success
  • Understanding organizational structure
  • Protecting and servicing with emotional maturity: Completing the Lumina Spark assessment and taking an in-depth look at your personal profile
  • Discussing trending issues or best practices from your agency or state
  • Investigating 360 Community Policing: The Evolution of 21st Century Law Enforcement
  • Building financial strength in police families

The topics for professional development programs are developed by focus groups of representatives from small and large agencies across the state, including municipal, university and school district police. The programs represent current issues of importance to law enforcement agencies and reflect some innovative solutions to challenges facing the profession in the 21st Century. The programs stress the importance of evidence-based practices to develop solutions that work.

Among the speakers for Lone Star Leadership are:

  • Lt. Melvin Allick and Lacy Wolf of the Texas Department of Public Safety Fitness and Wellness program discussing a new model to help build resiliency among officers involved in critical incidents or everyday stressors
  • Professor GM Cox, a former police chief and criminal justice professor, addressing marketing, branding, and recruiting for police agencies
  • Police Chief Anthony Williams and Chaplain Edward Smith examining changes to community policing
  • Retired Irving Chief Larry Boyd presenting the importance of understanding organizational culture and how to use it to influence groups or individuals
  • Nick Daugherty of the Grand Prairie Police Department providing basic financial tools for law enforcement families

The program will provide an opportunity to network with law enforcement leaders from across the country and share information on initiatives or challenges facing departments in an effort to build better, more resilient departments.

LEMIT is one of the premiere professional development programs for law enforcement agencies in the country, providing top-notch training for every Texas Police Chief and Constable every two years. Created by the Texas Legislature in 1997, LEMIT is also home to the Leadership Command College, one of the most comprehensive and well-respected programs for up-and-coming law enforcement leaders in the country. In addition to assisting the state with the development on key policies involving racial profiling and eyewitness identification, LEMIT recently expanded its efforts to include other public safety officials, such fire marshals, dispatchers, and environmental enforcement officers.

LEMIT also is located on the campus of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice, the top online graduate program for criminal justice in the United States. The CJ College has about 50 faculty members who are the top producers of research in the field and frequently collaborate with LEMIT participants to answer pressing issues in policing.

The cost of the Lone Star Leadership programm is $1195. For more information, contact Donna Garcia, Director of Exectuve Development at (936) 294-3852 or visit