Friday, January 22, 2016

Welcome New Constables

The Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) will welcome 14 newly-elected constables from across the state to provide a primer on their new positions.

The program, scheduled from Jan. 25-29, is mandated for all newly-elected or appointed constables within two years of taking office. The course curriculum includes law enforcement roles and duties; law enforcement ethics and liabilities; Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) rules and forms; office/records management; civil citations, evictions, writs and executions; and strategic planning.

This year’s class includes constables from Bastrop, Bee, Caldwell, Coryell, Dallas, Dawson, Henderson, Hood, Newton, Starr, Uvalde, Wilson, and Zavala counties.

Two years ago, LEMIT put 150 newly-elected constables in Texas through their mandated training and, last year, another 98 participated in the same program.

“This year our number is extremely low, and we believe it is because the quality and dedication of the constables who are coming out of LEMIT are the kind of law enforcement our public, our communities, and our constituents want to keep on the job,” said Rebecca Bowden, program coordinator for the Texas Constables Program. “At LEMIT we do not consider ourselves a training institute, but one which develops and empowers those to push to do their best, go farther in their careers, and encourages them to lead others to do the same.”

In addition to training new constables, LEMIT offers continuing education for constables which is mandated every four years. This year’s training includes arrest and control tactics; leadership motivation and development; press and social media; strategic planning; TCOLE rules and regulations; and civil training in writs, citations, collections, and warrants.

Finally, LEMIT offers a Leadership College for Constables. Patterned after LEMIT’s premiere Leadership Command College for law enforcement officers, the program covers all aspects of modern management techniques, styles and philosophies. The nine-week course, which is highly interactive, culminates with a Personal Leadership Philosophy paper.

For more information about Texas Constables Program, contact Rebecca Bowden at (936) 294-4756 or at